Bamboo retreat

Created by Bamboo
January 28, 2013

Last week, we gathered the team and trekked up to Tahoe for our staff retreat. It was a time of team-bonding and reenergizing. We believe work and fun should not be mutually exclusive. So, while learning about overcoming creative blocks, practicing innovation, and enacting team synergy, we incorporated paper airplane contests, speed app-prototyping and snowball fights into our schedule. Perhaps the biggest feat of the three days was cramming 10 laptops, 9 iPhones and a smattering of iPads onto the cabin’s Wifi, not to mention the dinner table. We managed.

Overall, the retreat was an awesome opportunity to grow as a team and get the creative juices flowing for 2013. We were challenged, encouraged and inspired.

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I enjoyed hanging out with everyone on the team and getting to know them a little better. I learned a lot–and laughed a lot. I must say, improv night was definitely a highlight. Emily

High from Tahoe was really getting the time to bond with my co-workers, really assessing my strengths and weaknesses and seeing how I can depend on other people’s strengths in areas I lack in. It was a great retreat full of laughs and bonding that really helped the team dynamic. Kenny

Loved the sessions and hearing from different people on the team. Creativity requires that we nurture it and I felt like the retreat gave us time to do that in fun ways. The whole team was engaged in this at various levels and it energized the room and the retreat. CJ

I love the chemistry our team has. We all had a blast and some good bonding time. I can’t believe they still like me. Garrett

My highlight was the Garrett Boatman comedy hour, appropriately titled “Inappropriate things to say on a company retreat.” Jake

Seeing the team grow closer as a group; learning more about each others’ strengths; and playing hard. Ben

I loved every Tahoe moment! We learned about each other’s strengths, the power of thought and pushing through creative block. And who knew we have our own improve troupe in the crew - with Garrett fearlessly leading the way! § (not a sarcastic statement) Ginny

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