Created by CJ Alvarado
September 22, 2014

“The worlds greatest scientists, philosophers, and artists agree: If an idea isn’t beautiful, it’s probably not innovative. They’re putting a special spin on the word beautiful by defining beauty as a quality of wholeness, or harmony, that generates pleasure, meaning, and satisfaction. A beautiful idea is often a great idea.” Marty Neumeier

We believe in beautiful ideas. Beautiful ideas move people. When we use the word “Beautiful” we mean something very specific. We agree with Neumeier’s view on beautiful ideas in that beautiful ideas embody 3 interactive elements: surprise, rightness and elegance.


Beautiful ideas often provide the user with surprise and delight. You enjoy it and or feel a sense of delight. There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling a product out of a box only to find it doesn’t work or requires all kinds of things to make it work. Surprise is the jarring pop of disrupted expectations when you encounter a product or idea.


Beautiful ideas have a sense of rightness to them. They fit. They work. They feel like the right solution to a problem. A specific structure that allows the thing we’re encountering to align with its purpose.


Elegance is all about a rejection of superfluous elements in favor of simplicity and efficiency. An elegant idea is one that has the fewest number of elements that allow the whole to achieve its purpose. The best ideas seem so perfect that they leave no room in the imagination for anything better.

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