Come up for air

Created by Jake Elia
November 29, 2012

With every start-up or project, you go through phases. You fall in and out of love with your idea, your commitment, and your understanding of what you’re doing. When you’ve tackled the big idea and vision, and have moved on to the time of execution, building, and refining, you can reach a frustrating phase. At this stage you can get so caught up in the nitty gritty details that you lose sight of the big idea and the original vision. You can find your self deep in the details asking, “What are we even building?” or “What do we do again?”

At this point, you can take one of two roads: put your head down and charge on, or stop and come up for air.

As passionate and driven, creative people, we often choose to charge on—but, this can be detrimental. You end up losing your bearings and making decisions not based on your original vision. As hard as it is, sometimes we just need to take a break, and step back a little. Take that time to revisit your original idea, and then get back in there with a re-aligned perspective. You’ll be much happier and  more productive when you have your bearings straight.


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