Forefront 2 wrap up

Created by CJ Alvarado
March 31, 2016

Forefront #2 is in the books folks. For those who weren’t there let me catch you up: 0-100. Real quick.

Forefront 2 Wrap Up
Forefront 2 Wrap Up
Forefront 2 Wrap Up

What is it again? An event to help entrepreneurs, creatives, and makers move ideas forward.

Why? Because this stuff is hard sometimes.
Because making a living doing what you love is hard.
Because the road to freedom like this can be lonely.
And because we believe that mentorship and community like this just may be the closest thing to a shortcut any of us gets.

What happened at the event? First, a lot of incredible people showed up. We broke bread together–actually, we ate tacos from Zocalo Restaurant, enjoyed beverages from our sponsors Racer 5 Brewery and craft coffee from Fourscore Coffee. So like I said, we broke bread together.

Forefront 2 Wrap Up

During the idea showcase we spotlighted two ideas:

  1. New Product idea called Notify by the Bamboo team.
  2. A new film project by Ampersand Cinema.

Our main presenter for the night was Founder & CEO, Ryan Vanni, of BKWLD, a digital agency in Sacramento. Ryan brought fire. He shared his story, lessons learned, and gave some straight-from-the-heart advice. He didn’t hold back any punches, rejecting the notion that great things can’t come from small cities, or the trend in startup culture that only seeks venture capital without giving a thought to business models. He shared real moments of self-doubt in his journey and how he’s navigated it. He emphasized that having a mentor – “an old business guy” as he described it – has been one of the most valuable things he’s done in the area of personal learning. The talk was so good we’re working to post a video of it soon.

We took questions and hosted a phenomenal panel discussion. Bamboo’s very own Head of Product, Jake Elia, and Dan Cunningham, VP of Product at Riskalyze joined Ryan Vanni for a time of open discussion. Together they dove into their thoughts about starting companies in small towns, setbacks and failures, and how they all stay inspired. We’re thankful these guys all took some time to share their insights. We’re also extremely grateful that so many seemed inspired at the end of the event.

Mission accomplished.

So what’s next?

  1. We’re planning the next Forefront for either April or May, but the lineup is already looking stunning. We’ll keep everyone posted.
  2. We have room for 2-3 new ideas in the spotlight section of our program. If you want to feature your idea, startup, product, business in our showcase, please email us at
  3. We’ve started a Forefront Slack Team. Request an invite by emailing [email protected] with the subject line #FOREFRONT-SLACK so you can join and help us shape this event.

Until next time!

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