Humanity's lottery

Created by cjalvarado
March 4, 2014

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to visit some remote places in the world. On one occasion, I was in a remote jungle in Chiang Mai, Thailand helping a Thai American doctor provide aid to refugees fleeing civil unrest in Burma. After a long, physically and emotionally draining day, I laid down on my mat and looked up at the stars. I thought, “My friends and family look at these same stars but under very different conditions.”

Whenever my worldview intersects with the stark reality of the harsh world outside of the bubble we’re lucky to inhabit, I almost always return home thinking “How did I get so lucky?” Out of the billions of people who have ever walked the planet, it’s highly improbable that I would end up fortunate enough to inhabit a sliver of history, humanity, and geography that offers all the experiences of life as I know it.

The fact is, we have a responsibility to take great risks because in truth, we have few risks at all. A full life is a bold life loaded with chances to push ourselves to the edge of our abilities. I believe fear and doubt have done more to destroy that kind of action than failure ever will.

We must let the seeds of gratefulness settle into our hearts, take root and bloom into something new.

You and I have won humanity’s lottery. Let’s be grateful. Seize the opportunity.

Be bold.

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