Lincoln brewster - joy to the world

Created by Ben De Rienzo
October 9, 2012

We had a chance to work with Lincoln Brewster, singer, songwriter and guitar extraordinaire, on his latest Christmas album.  From the very beginning, we knew that this would not be just another Christmas album. Lincoln, in fact, decided to donate all the proceeds of this project to the Northern Congo.

While we love working with incredible talent like Lincoln, we love it even more when we know they are trying to change the world. We caught up with Lincoln to ask him about the cause behind this project.

Bamboo:  Lincoln, was there something that inspired you to use your Christmas album this way?

Lincoln: Christmas is all about giving.  It’s about God giving us the greatest gift that could ever be given.  I felt like the last thing the world needed was another Christmas album.  My wife (Laura) and I thought it would be great to use this as a tool to help people in desperate need of help.

Bamboo: Why the Congo?

Lincoln: The infant mortality rate is so high that families don’t name their kids until they’re 3 years old.  It’s ridiculous.  I felt like it was one of those “whatever yoou do for the least of these you do unto me” kind of thing.  There is huge need there and we wanted to help do something.

Bamboo: This has spawned a pretty large concentrated effort, hasn’t it?

Lincoln: Yea, in fact we are partnering up with World Vision, Bayside Church and the Covenant Denomination to try and make a difference.  The northern Congo was ranked 187 out of 187 as the most underdeveloped and impoverished area in the world.  I want to help and this project is one way we’re doing so.

The album is incredible, it’s got all the familiarity of the Christmas songs we love, but with Lincoln’s twist. We’ve never heard Christmas songs played like this and there is a little something for everyone. Lincoln’s new Christmas album is available now on iTunes and is currently the #1 Holiday album.

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