The creative mindset

Created by cjalvarado
November 13, 2012

I’ve heard it said that “you can be cautious or creative, but there is no such thing as a cautious creative.” Being a creative takes guts. It requires that you have a particular mindset. If you’re actively being a creative, than you’re constantly in harm’s way pitching big ideas and new ways of doing things. It can be exhilirating and exhausting. Often times, it requires we learn the art of war to make these ideas happen. Big ideas are scary and change is difficult, but, a true creative understands this and can push on. Most people like the idea of being creative but are usually surprised by what’s involved to make it a lifestyle. Creatives must be courageous. That doesn’t mean exist without fear—it means being able to act in the presense of it. Big ideas always come with some kind of risk or change (that’s the nature of BIG ideas). The presence of fear or risk usually provokes caution—that’s totally natural and understandable—but it’s not the path to true impact. If you’re more cautious than creative, you’ll get lost in all the stuff. You just can’t play it safe. Put more succinctly, “A cautious creative is an oxymoron.”

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