Why i broke up with gmail

Created by CJ Alvarado
October 28, 2014

I was just ridiculous. So ridiculous.

Every morning my day started the same way.

I’d roll over, reach for my phone, and check my email.

My eyes, still squinting, would rush to adjust and focus on the bright screen.

Barely able to see, I’d start skimming emails then deleting and archiving.

I started to find that the emails in my inbox were beginning to shape what kind of day I was going to have.

So, heres my little life hack for the day. Want to be happier (and less ridiculous)?

Make it a habit to stop checking email first things in the morning. Instead, go for a walk, turn around and kiss the person next to you, write, stretch, read. The morning is one of the most creative times of the day. Ideas can flow, concepts can solidify, and a sense of peace and direction can emerge—but only if you give yourself that opportunity.

I realized my day is my day.

I choose the perspective and attitude I will have. And if I get to choose, it is definitly not going to be dictated by the emails I get.

I ditched morning emails—and am much happier because of it.

My New Morning Ritual

I wake up (Good thing). To my left is an old typewriter, a stack of paper and bin with a bunch of paper in it.

I roll out of bed and pour a cup of coffee. Then I sit at my typewriter and start writing (I use a typewriter because it won’t notify me of any emails, tweets, or messages.)

The windows are open and everything is still quiet. I write or read for an hour or so until i’m interrupted by my 6 year old.

Here’s the thing, there will always be stuff to do. There will always be someone wanting your attention. Always some fire to put out.

While we may not be able to shield ourselves from those things for the whole day, we can work on making the mornings more sacred.

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