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Today, more than ever, marketing is becoming an author’s most time-consuming and challenging task. And lets face it, authors want to write books, not market them. After working with thousands of authors on Snippet App, our team saw marketing emerging as the leading challenge authors were facing.

The team quickly identified a common theme: the most successful authors and book marketing campaigns centered around a “dedicated book sales page.” This landing page became the authors central hub to drive all their marketing efforts.

The only problem: most authors didn’t even know what a landing page was – let alone how to make one the was effective and beautiufl without spending huge amounts of time and money.



Our team knew we could build a product that made creating these pages easy, fun, and more effective for their marketing efforts. So we got to work.

Prototype and Early Learning

Within two weeks, our team had identified the key “sections” every book sales page needed to have in order to be successful. We rapidly prototyped and built a basic, HTML-only version of what these pages would look like. With our prototype in hand, we gathered a group of 10-15 local authors and conducted customer interviews. In the end, we presented our prototype and asked authors if this was something they migh want. The answer: “YES!”


Building the Product

We built Booklaunch from the ground up. We chose the latest and greatest technology, leveraging as many existing frameworks as possible to bring our V1 to market quickly. For the nerds out there: we chose a combination of Node and MongoDB hosted on AWS EC2, which provided us with the lightning fast and scaleable application we needed. After a few weeks of development, we launched our first version to an eager group of customers.

"This is an incredible tool for authors.
Not only is it effective and fast, it is a lot of fun."
—Joel Friedlander, author and blogger —

Iterate and grow

Launching a product is only step one. We quickly kicked into overdrive as we added new features like advanced customizations, custom domains, integrations, and more. We created a successful affiliate program with industry leaders and influencers, running dozens of webinars, cross promoted content marketing, and drip campaigns driving thousands of sign-ups to Booklaunch.


Booklaunch has grown to be an essential tool for any authors marketing kit. Booklaunch continues to generate organic sign-ups and upgrades daily, producing thousands in recurring revenue, and helping authors reach and exceed their marketing goals.

1 M
Booklaunch page views
150 K
purchase clicks for authors
8 K+
Booklaunch pages created
10 K
email sign ups for authors
"With so many things to do on an author's marketing checklist, it was the simple solution I needed. My landing page is gorgeous. I love it."
—Genny Heikka, Author
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