CHIC Conference

Branding, Design Thinking, Creative Implementation


CHIC is an event that happens every 3 years. As they were preparing for their 2015 event they needed to attract a new audience that feels invested in the event and would register to attend.

This opportunity was even more important to the organization given the fact that the CHIC team had some internal confusion around the brand and story of the conference.

CHIC Conference


Bamboo launched a brand project with the CHIC team in order to help bring some cohesion and continuity to the story that is being told. The goal was to put solid language and tools in the hands of those that will be marketing the event.

Bamboo also headed up the social media strategy and worked for the year leading up to the event to build an audience that was engaging with CHIC and ultimately was registered to attend the conference.

Through this project we partnered with the CHIC team on several initiatives:

  • Branding
  • Communications Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy and Execution
  • Copy Writing
  • Ad Design
  • Content Strategy and Delivery
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— Tim Ciccone, Youth Ministry Leader, Evangelical Covenant Church
CHIC Conference


CHIC Conference

During our time working with CHIC we were able to build their social audience by tripling their fan base on Facebook, doubling their followers on Twitter, and Tripling their followers on instagram. Over the course of 12 months we were able to reach 1.5 Million people through CHIC Social Media and design.

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