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Readers and writers have always been looking to connect, but little was being done to allow that interaction within the digital book itself. With huge shifts occurring in the publishing spectrum, could you introduce a new format for storytellers that would appeal to today’s reader, with their limited attention spans and platform agnosticism?

Not one to shy away from gargantuan challenges, Bamboo took an original idea that kept floating around the office and ran it through their product development process usually reserved for outside clientele.

Snippet App
Snippet App


With the intent to delight readers and non-traditional writers, the Snippet project introduced a new publishing format that was based on three principles: short, rich and beautiful content. To take advantage of different learning styles, the reading experience—called a Snippet—integrated text and media together like never before. Authors could easily include photography and video to accompany their copy, as well as social media timelines—a first for the publishing industry. Readers could now tweet to the author or their own followers immediately after reading a savory blurb, without leaving the experience.

"Getting to say, "I'm an author", and going through the process of a finished product was very rewarding. The feedback I received was great—people thought it was a great experience."
—ALEJANDRO REYES, Get Internet Famous


Snippet App

From prototype to product release within a year, Snippet’s initial buzz grew, attracting not only media attention but also the local angel investment community. Chosen from hundreds of applicants, Snippet went through a 10-week acceleration program, culminating in a pitch for area investors. In the following months, the Snippet team was able to raise over half a million dollars.

On launch, Snippet App reached #6 on the iTunes chart for Top-Grossing apps in its reading category, and within a year, they had acquired nearly 30,000. Following up its success was an enterprise solution created for multiple Fortune 100 companies.

30 K
users joined Snippet
# 6
iTunes Top Grossing Apps on launch
"The multi-media experience was the perfect way to share my story, and integrating social media into it was just beyond wild-it was so cool to see exactly who was reading my book and when, and the fact that I could immediately reply and thank them meant a lot to me."
—PAT FLYNN, Writer and Top-Rated Blogger, Let Go
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