Urban Youth Workers Institute

Branding, Design Thinking, Creative Implementation


Urban Youth Workers Institute was on the brink of needing to shut their doors. They needed a solid direction and vision if they were going to launch into the next season for their organization.

The UYWI team needed support in creating ideas and a strategy to grow their national conference attendance, increase donors, and tell their brand story.

Urban Youth Workers Institute


Bamboo guided the UYWI team through a branding process that helped define and solidify their story. Through this process they were able to gain insights and focus their communications in a manner that changed the way that they speak about their organization and reason for existing.

Urban Youth Workers Institute

We also worked with their team to build the UYWI APP. This is the hub for their content distribution and was created to provide a way for UYWI to offer valuable content to every youth worker that is connected to their organization.

The UYWI Conference team partnered with us to market and fill their National Conference through email campaigns and social media creative management. The Bamboo team was onsite for their event and provided realtime social media coverage.

"As a smaller organization, the cost of undergoing a branding project was not taken lightly. In the end, however, it’s one of the best financial decisions we’ve made. Bamboo completely un-stuck our organization and gave our team renewed vision and drive."
—Larry Acosta, Founder & CEO, Urban Youth Workers International


Brand Reinvigoration. Our team of branding experts love a turnaround. Even better when that turnaround happens for an organization that exists to help at-risk youth make significant life changes. Through our brand development process we uncovered a focused direction for the brand both internally for UYWI Team and externally for donors.

Unified communication strategy. By aligning UYWIs main communication mediums of email and social posts, we were able to boost engagement levels across the board. This shift to unified campaign-based messaging has had significant impact on audience retention and conversion.