Branding, Creative Implementation, Design Thinking


As Zocalo began growing to multiple locations it was clear that they needed a cohesive brand that enabled them to accurately tell their story.

This story needed to be told through updated web and social media presences that reflected their true brand, and enabled them to communicate clearly with their audience.



Bamboo launched a brand project with the Zocalo team in order to help bring some cohesion and continuity to the story that is being told. The goal was to put solid language and tools in the hands of those that lead this restaurant. Bamboo also created a new website and headed up the social media strategy to help build their online presence into something clear, cohesive, and effective.

"As our restaurant started to expand into more locations, we needed to get a better handle on our brand and ensure that we could continue growth. We needed new ideas so we turned to Bamboo. They're branding work not only helped us refine our external message but also provided the internal focus and clarity that had eluded us for years. We needed to believe in ourselves again. Sales are up. Morale is up and we're more excited about the future than ever before!"
-Ryan Rose, Executive Chef, Zocalo


During our time working with Zocalo we were able to help them establish a brand story that effected every part of their organization. From their menu, and uniforms, to the decor and equipment- every aspect of the Zocalo experience was changed.

10 M
Impressions over 12 month campaign
80 %
Instagram follower growth
40 %
Twitter follow growth
30 %
Facebook fan base growth
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