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Thrive Conference is a series of Christian conferences serving pastors, business leaders, youth, and more. After over a decade of growing into the region’s biggest and best Christian Leadership Conference, Thrive Conference was looking to refresh their overall brand.

We were charged with finding new and exciting ways to tell the Thrive story, engage with our audiences, and expand the brand’s reach to a national audience.


We started the process at the brand level, taking the Thrive team through our Brand Development process, and then moved onto addressing brand experience.

Thrive Conferences

Light up the Local Church

Our Brand Development process started with our team conducting research, and running through multiple series of interviews and focus groups to gain a deeper understanding of the brand’s strengths, weaknesses, and marketplace positioning. We uncovered key insights that allowed us to reposition the conference and its overall strategy for serving its core audiences.

Thrive Conferences

Make it Accessible

One of the main insights that came from our research centered around Thrive’s unique ability to make world-class content, speakers, and artists accessible to anyone. Not only are tickets to the conference relatively inexpensive compared to others in the space, but audiences also loved their ability to get tons of up-close, one-on-one experience with other leaders, keynote speakers, and more. Thrive gave them a level of accessibility that just couldn’t be found at other conferences. This important differentiators needed to be highlighted and expanded.

More Than Just A Conference Experience

To truly focus on their mission to “light up the local church” – and to re-define what accessibility would mean moving froward – we expanded the brand experience beyond the physical conference. If you’re trying to equip and encourage leaders, you need to do so more than just a couple days out of the year. To accomplish this, we launched Thrive Leadership Conference Online, and Thrive Now.

Thrive Conferences

Thrive Leadership Conference Online provided an all-new live streaming version of the conference for people all over the world to watch free. Not only did we broadcast main stage sessions, we created a custom streaming experience with hosts, behind-the-scenes interviews, Q&A sessions, and more.

Taking accessibility to the next level, we launched a new website featuring Thrive Now. For the first time ever, our audience could receive a constant stream of encouraging, helpful articles and videos updated multiple times per week.

Building a Content Engine

Launching a content-driven website takes some serious planning and production. Throughout the web development process, we started creating new content and repurposing our best conference footage. We launched AskThrive, a weekly video series where senior leaders would answer real questions from real people on social media.

Thrive Conferences

Along with the launch of Thrive Now, we created an all-new social media strategy to leverage our new content and provide an all-new level of value and engagement to our audience.


In less than 10 months:

2 X
conference attendance
125 K
video views on Facebook alone
250 %
increase in Facebook fans
1.5 K
new email contacts generated
75 +
new items of content produced
30 +
new AskThrive videos produced
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