City of Rocklin

City of Rocklin

Branding, Design Thinking, Creative Implementation


Rocklin is a growing city located just outside of Sacramento, and quickly becoming one of the best cities in the nation for young families.

In order to strategically continue their growth and develop a brand that better reflects their vibrancy, city leaders partnered with Bamboo to develop an entirely new brand strategy and visual identity.


Our branding experts took the Rocklin project team through our three-phase branding process, including Research, Development, and Implementation.

Phase One: Research and Audit

We received input from over 500 stakeholders throughout the city. One-on-one interviews, focus groups, and online surveys contributed to a robust understanding of the city’s unique value to businesses and residents. Throughout this process, we also performed an extensive audit of the City’s past and present marketing and communications materials in order to uncover themes, areas for improvement, and additional brand insights.

Phase Two: Brand Development

In an exhaustive strategy session led by Bamboo brand experts, City stakeholders went through numerous exercises proven to uncover the key elements of a successful brand. Informed by the strategy session, our team developed Rocklin’s new brand map, outlining a new Core Purpose, Positioning Statement, and Value Proposition, among others. All brand elements were aimed at both external perceptions and internal culture shifts.

A Modern Identity With Historic Roots

At the end of phase two, we embarked on the process to develop a new logo and visual identity for Rocklin. Armed with our finalized brand map, Bamboo’s design team iterated on numerous logo options that would visually deliver on the promises and tenets of the new brand. After careful consideration, the city chose a logo that represented their vibrant, modern spirit with a respectful nod to their historic granite mining history.

Phase Three: Implementation

We believe even the best brand strategy will fall short if it lacks a clear, prioritized implementation plan. We provided Rocklin city leaders with dozens of strategies and tactics in order to launch the new brand and continue delivering on its promises for years to come. Implementation items covered both internal and external actions. Our guidelines for internal brand rollout created cohesion among department separated by physical space, and created tremendous buy-in from all parties.

Working with a city requires balancing the needs of a multitude of different departments and offices. To help each one manage their own communications efforts with the new brand, a comprehensive visual and communications guidelines document was provided. This document also ensured alignment and consistency in the new brand’s utilization.


  • A renewed visual identity, adopted throughout the entire city.
  • A microsite, including video and photo production, to accompany a State of the City address and provide a lunching point for the new brand.
  • Brand Guidelines Document, with recommendations for proper brand usage and document templates.