Last week, we hosted another Forefront and loved connecting and learning with some of the best local creatives, all while enjoying beer and nachos. We always look forward to this event, and it just keeps getting better.

Forefront 3 Wrap Up


The focus of Forefront round three was building community. Bringing a business to life and moving ideas forward is hard enough, so why do it alone? The best resource we have is each other. So, we got together to hear from some incredible women who have forged the path of entrepreneurship and make a living doing work that is meaningful to them.

Jennifer Snyder, creator of the podcast “Creating Your Own Path,” shared her story from venturing out on her own to where it has taken her – literally across the country on road trips to interview brilliant creatives. She talked about how the creative road is difficult, yet extremely rewarding, and how community is essential to thriving. She provided firsthand insights into the pains, struggles, and doubts we all face on our creative journey, and inspired the entire room to keep moving forward. Since starting CYOP she has learned that creating value for your customers, showing up consistently for them, and getting to know them on a more personal level are all key to building community.

Following Jennifer’s talk, Kari Shipman of Juniper James, Stephanie Rudy of Just West , and Steph Washburn of Pretty In Ink joined her for a panel discussion. They shared transparently about each of their experiences in the creative world, and offered invaluable insight. It was so encouraging to hear how they have overcome obstacles and continue to move forward with doing what they love.

Forefront 3 Wrap Up

Thank you to all who shared, joined the discussion, and came to connect. What an inspiring night!

So what’s next?

  1. We’re planning the next Forefront (date TBD), but will keep everyone posted.
  2. We have room for 2-3 new ideas in the spotlight section of our program. If you want to feature your idea, startup, product, business in our showcase, please email us at [email protected]
  3. We’ve started a Forefront Slack Team. Request an invite by emailing [email protected] with the subject line #FOREFRONT-SLACK so you can join and help us shape this event.

Until next time!


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