Clareo Partners



Clareo helps industry leaders create new ways to grow, and build the plans and capabilities needed to get there. Working with global firms like AT&T, Kraft, BP, Castrol, Microsoft, and others, they assist clients in improving strategy execution, developing entrepreneurial capability, commercializing new ideas, exploring plausible futures, adapting to emerging threats, and increasing competitiveness through corporate venture capital.

As one of the many ways they help their clients track the success of their strategic endeavors, Clareo offers an innovation diagnostic known as the Innovation Radar. This pen-and-paper tool provides critical insights that help their clients discover and understand the ways in which they are innovating.

Looking to serve their clients even better, Clareo sought to turn their pen-and-paper Innovation Radar tool into an intuitive, online platform. They approached our team to help imagine, design, and develop the online Innovation Radar, creating a user-friendly, yet powerful, application.


We worked hand-in-hand with the Clareo team to bring their idea to life. Starting with an initial prototype built in Keynote, we developed the UI/UX and user stories, and developed a unique look and feel for the Innovation Radar. Knowing that this tool would be used by thousands of busy executives, we paid special attention to ensure simplicity, ease-of-use, and clear actions for users to take.

At the end of the diagnostic, users are provided with a beautiful chart of their aggregate responses, which they can download and share with others in their organization.


The Innovation Radar is now being used daily by Clareo and hundreds of its enterprise clients. Not only does the new online tool provide a more user-friendly solution than the original pen-and-paper solution, it’s also saving Clareo’s consultants hours of manual labor, while providing additional value to their clients and key stakeholders.