Gallaway Commercial



Gallaway Commercial has been providing commercial real estate consulting services for over 20 years. They’ve grown to become a respected force in the industry, but lacked an online presence that reflected their experience and expertise.

With a website that hadn’t been updated in years, the Gallaway team approached us with the challenge to not only design a new site, but to tell their story in a more compelling way.


With any project, our first challenge is to immerse ourselves in our client’s industry. This is what we love – learning the ins and outs of different industries fuels our curiosity and creativity. With Gallaway, we dove deep into the world of commercial real estate, learning about the pains their clients face, and the solutions the Gallaway team provides.

Make the Complex Simple

As with many organizations, Gallaway had all the right information on their website, but the story wasn’t resonating. Industry jargon and the lack of a clear value proposition made it difficult for prospective clients to understand. We focused on the needs of their clients and developed a narrative that addressed those needs clearly. Simple language about their unique approach, supported by clear details about the services they provide gives prospective clients just the right mix of information to get them to take the next step.

Show Instead of Tell

After crafting the right story and focusing on written content, we shifted our attention to the visuals. We wanted to convey a modern, approachable team, and instantly show the type of work Gallaway provides, even to someone who’s simply glancing through the site. We orchestrated a photo and video shoot, choosing just the right environments, attire, and personal interactions that would convey the right message about the Gallaway team. Their approach to client service is very personal and involved throughout every step of the transaction process – planning, design, construction, relocation, and more. We ensured that this came across through the video and photos throughout the site, reflecting everything from mid-construction spaces to beautifully-designed offices.


The new Gallaway website features all custom photography, video content, and a narrative that resonates with target audiences. The new site reflects the expertise that the Gallaway team provides, positioning them as the leader they truly are in the marketplace.